Ideas Box


Most of us can take access to books and information for granted. However, for people in areas of conflict, war or natural disaster access to information is often an insurmountable problem. The NGO Libraries Without Borders has partnered with the French designer Philippe Starck to create the Ideas Box, a pre-packaged, portable multimedia center and library. The ready-made system consists of five modules that ship on two standard shipping palettes.

Each of the color coded modules serves a specific function. The yellow module is the system hub, which provides a central desk and check-in area.



The orange module stores books, games and activities.


The green IT module has tablets. e-readers and video cameras.

Ideas Box at New York Public Library

The blue module is an integrated cinema with sound system and a portable generator.


While the grey modules convert to tables with USB and wifi, as well as seating for 24 people.

Ideas Box at New York Public Library

Libraries Without Borders has tested the first Ideas Box at a refugee camp in the Congo and plans to test four other units over the next year at other camps.

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