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Bookstore Movements, or the Mariko Aoki Phenomenon

The first time that I stumbled upon the so-called Mariko Aoki Phenomenon (青木まりこ現象, Aoki Mariko genshō)I laughed it off as a poor attempt at bathroom humor. But the second time that I read about this Japanese bookstore issue I thought that it … Continue reading

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Lunar Library

Last week, a SpaceX rocket launched a lunar landing module from its base in Florida. That would be interesting in its self, but the mission is an Israeli crowdfunded project to land a module the size of a home washing … Continue reading

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Get Smart

Smartify is a very clever free app that allows users to scan artworks to identify them and then get meaningful background information. This Shazam for art is already available for more than thirty major international art venues and more are being added monthly. … Continue reading

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Not A Travel Magazine

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us visit Wikipedia on a regular basis. Well, now folks interested in travel will have one more reason to squander their time on a Wiki site, because the much awaited … Continue reading

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Meaning Minus Truth

I’m a fool for book-based art installations, as you may have already surmised. So here’s new one called “Meaning Minus Truth Condition” by Vienna-based artist Thomas Ehgartner. Built with 8,000 recycled books, the installation in the Kunstacademie Wien also includes … Continue reading

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