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Paris: Word on the Street

h/t Philipe Bouvier  

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Berlin: Word on the Street

h/t Herakut & Dr.Seuss  

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Art Floats

Fluctuart claims that its Centre D’Art Urbain Flottant will be the first floating urban arts museum in the world. I don’t know if that’s an accurate statement, but the soon to be launched waterfront gallery is a welcome component of the “Reinventing … Continue reading

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Prove Them All Wrong

The Los Angeles-based screen writer and street artist known as WRDSMTH has been dropping thought-provoking pieces all around Melbourne, Australia. The well crafted works combine stenciled typewriters with cleverly worded paste-up.

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Books Are A Stepping Stone

The celebrated Brazilian street artist Walter Nomura—aka Tinho—completed these wonderful pieces last fall in Frankfurt, Germany. Beginning as a grafiteiro at the tender age of 12 and gained notoriety in his home country with moving wall art depicting missing and … Continue reading

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Street Art Turns Sinuous

It’s rare to discover street art with such diverse influences as you’ll find from Montreal-based A’shop. The mural arts and advertising group has managed to incorporate styles that range from sinuous, fin de siècle Czech Art Nouveau to SoCal graffiti. … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to the City

Here in the Philadelphia area, Stephen Powers’ large-scale murals have been a colorful, entertaining and surprising presence since the 1990s. Although he’s currently based in Brooklyn, Powers has been spreading his personal brand of typographic signage murals around South America, … Continue reading

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Who Is Banksy ?

If you are interested in street art, then you’ll want to see this neat infographic created by the folks at Canvas Elite, an online “art” seller. The graphic highlights the career of the elusive banksy from 2001 until 2012, with … Continue reading

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a strange harmony was found

Mobstr is a cheeky London street artist who has cleverly manipulated municipal anti-graffiti crews into unwitting participation in his wall art/lit projects. In his series called “The Story”, Mobstr added a sentence to a wall and waited until it was painted over to … Continue reading

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On The Road

If you are a fan of street art, you may enjoy this story of Chinese street art collective IDT ‘s 1,200 mile journey through Southern China and Tibet leaving samples of their work along the way. The project, called “On … Continue reading

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