Cover the Walls with Hope

Recently a new multi-artist street art project called Fill the Walls with Hope has popped-up on walls and boarded up windows across Philadelphia. Organized by Mark Strandquist and created with submissions from local Philadelphia and national artists, the project incorporates a series of inspirational collaged artworks wheatpasted together. The individual artworks feature messages related to the pandemic crisis. The messages are a hodgepodge of public health information, like reminding people to remain 6 feet apart with a diagram of what that looks like, professions of gratitude for essential workers, and progressive political ideas about healthcare, housing, racism, and human rights.

Fill the Walls with Hope is supported by both community arts grants in Philadelphia and a crowd funding page. Money raised pays for printing costs and also helps to provide income to struggling artists. The project began with open artist submissions and the artists paying for printing out of their own pockets. Check out the  GoFundMe page. 




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1 Response to Cover the Walls with Hope

  1. Ali Grimshaw says:

    I love this creative response.

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