Behind The Secret Door


Google Street View has made just about the whole world instantly accessible from our digital devices. We can easily locate not just urban spots, but also mindblowing wild landscapes and the hidden interiors of buildings.  Now the mesmerizing (and time sucking) website The Secret Door offers totally random and serendipitous opportunities to instantly travel the world using navigable Street View images.


The Secret Door casually drops the user at an arbitrary spot. When boredom sets in, the user just pushes a button and is instantly whoosed to another spot around the globe.








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3 Responses to Behind The Secret Door

  1. restlessjo says:

    How bizarre! Even for restless types like me. Awesome technology but I prefer to do the foot slogging.

  2. The Secret Door sounds like fun! I’ll definitely try that.

  3. Word Wabbit says:

    Reblogged this on Eco-Squirrel and commented:
    I’m definitely going to try The Secret Door!

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