Pack Light For Existential Journeys

If you have ever undertaken an overnight train trip, this freaky stop motion animated film may bring back some memories. The short animated film Madame Tutli-Putli was directed by Canadians Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczebowski.

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Writer’s Block

©Grant Snider


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Thank You & Have A Pleasant Trip

New York City-based filmmaker Nicolas Heller and illustrator Naomi Otsu have created this wonderful series of public transit etiquette TSAs. The pair have been distributing their DIY pamphlet throughout the NYC subway system and have even received the unofficial seal of approval from New York’s MTA. Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of traveling the New York City underground, many of the tips will resonate.

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Space Invaders

Science fiction satire isn’t a new phenomena. The War of the Wenuses by Charles L. Graves and Edward V. Lucas is a parody of H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds published in 1898. The story chronicles an invasion by gorgeous Venusian women who devastate Earthlings with just a gaze. If you indulge in this form of nostalgic humor, you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for this First Edition, but can read the book online on the wonderful Gutenberg site.

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Words of Wisdom

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Stand in Philadelphia

Just before Philadelphia got walloped by the infamous polar vortex, British artist Antony Gormley installed an impressive large-scale series of sculptures called STAND on the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The huge figures invite engagement from the usual tourist crowd who come to climb the famous “Rocky steps” or even visit our great art museum.

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Nothing is harder on the soul

One of my happiest moments was finding one of my books for sale at the iconic City Lights in San Francisco many, many years ago. I am pleased to see that they continue to be a beacon for truth and justice in our new dark age. I am even more pleased to know that the great Lawrence Ferlingetti is still there.



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They stand like giants immersed in time

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The Medium is the Message

Book Guns is a powerful series of book sculptures created by New York City-based artist Robert The.

“Obsession with the semiotic erosion of meaning and reality led me to create objects that evangelize their own relevance by a direct fusion of word and form. Books (many culled from dumpsters and thrift store bins) are lovingly vandalized back to life so they can assert themselves against the culture which turned them into debris.” – Robert The 1995

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Behind The Covers

by Mlenko Darko Gjuric

by Maria Boroni

by Frank Van Damme

by Gian Luigi Ubolldi

by Gerard Gaudaen

by Hubert Rockenberger

by Victor Fleissig

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