Swinging Luxembourg


Some of my fondest memories from childhood are of hours spent mindlessly swinging. This charming installation in Luxembourg—from Luxembourgeois artist Max Mertens—is aptly titled “Swings”. The 450 colorful wooden swings are suspended from fixed cables above the popular pedestrian street rue Phillipe II in Luxembourg City.

images © Max Mertens



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Gateway to Europe




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What Makes A Book A Book

This short animated film titled “The Evolution of the Book” by Patrick Smith is an enlightening TED-Ed video that demonstrates the elements that come together to make a book.

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Rocky Mountain Highs


Since cannabis legalization in the U.S. State of Colorado went into effect locals have been coming up with new and improved ways to enjoy legal weed. Now residents and visitors in the Denver can safely travel around the Mile-High City in the brand new Loopr bus while consuming cannabis.

The bus travels in a continuous loop around town allowing riders to freely enjoy their BYOC (bring-your-own-cannabis) products. Loopr passes many of Denver’s popular hotels, restaurants, concert venues, and clubs.


Adult tourists in Colorado can legally purchase marijuana, but often have no where to consume it under the current regulations since public use is forbidden. Loopr circumvents the laws since it is considered a private vehicle.


Project creator Bryan Spatz says that he aims to integrate Loopr into the tourism, entertainment, and cultural scenes in Denver.


Riders can use the Loopr app to buy one, three, or seven day bus passes.


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Real Street Art


Berlin-based art collective Raubdruckerin specializes in screen printing. They recently had the clever notion to use European manhole covers and drains as surfaces to ink. They’ve been printing t-shirts, bags, and textiles directly on the streets of Berlin, Lisbon, Paris, and Amsterdam. They market the prints online and at a shop in Nikolaiviertel.











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Luggage Hacks


If you have ever been locked out of your own suitcase or backpack, this clever hack is worth knowing. Hacks World on Youtube demonstrates how simple it is to bypass a luggage lock with a ballpoint pen.

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Each year, Thailand’s mangrove forests are flooded by swarms of fireflies. Artists Robin Meier and André Gwerder took advantage of the insects’ ephemeral lighting to combine nature and technology in a stunning show. Their resulting film, entitled Synchronicity (Thailand) , shows the bioluminescent flashing of the fireflies in synch with timed LED lights.

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Go Loopy in Scandinavia


I have fond memories from a mid-summer overnight ferry trip from Stockholm to Helsinki. With the midnight sun—and duty-free treats—everyone stayed up all night talking, singing, and whatever. Now the Hyperloop One company wants to spoil all that fun with plans for a 300 mile-long hyperloop transport system linking the capital cities and cutting travel time to just 28 minutes. The proposed $21 billion project would include both land-based segments and trenches on the Baltic Sea floor. Just another techie pipe-dream ?


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Real Time AMS


Dutch designer Maarten Baas has created a huge suspended clock for Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport Lounge Two. Part of an ongoing series of clocks that Baas calls “Real Time”, this amazing clock shows a video performance that takes 12 hours to watch in its entirety. The clock project honors the faceless workers in blue overalls who keep Schiphol clean and safe.



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Lady Chatterley’s Lepidopterist

Tom Gauld does it again.


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