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Read Your Way Across The U.S.

According to Good Reads this map offers the most popular book in each U.S. state.

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You can’t get there from here

Helsinki-based geographer Topi Tjukanov is a wizard at using spatial data from new perspectives. If you’ve ever done any roadtripping in the US, this map of optimal routes by car from the geographic center of the country to all counties … Continue reading

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I’ve Been Everywhere (not)

Created by California designer and illustrator Adrian Walsh, the Everywhere Project is a collaborative effort that pays tribute to the iconic folk song “I’ve Been Everywhere“. An invited group of artists have been contributing luggage labels representing the 92 locations … Continue reading

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All the Beer in China

The always entertaining and informative website Buzzfeed created this clever video that demonstrates how much food one can purchase with the equivalent of $5 US in various countries around the globe. “How Much Food Can You Buy For $5 Around … Continue reading

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Hometown TV

Wherever I travel, I am constantly surprised by the popularity (and inescapable reach) of American television shows. But there often seems to be confusion about the actual geographic settings for American TV shows. Well, graphic artist James Chapman has created … Continue reading

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It’s What You See That Counts

For more than thirty years, mild-mannered, innocuous Mark Landis has managed to dupe unsuspecting museum curators in more than twenty U.S. states into accepting his forged artworks. Most of the institutions are blissfully unaware that they’ve been taken in by … Continue reading

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Travel Can be Taxing

Travelers the world over are frequently blindsided by immoderate hotel taxes that boost the cost of overnight stays. The United States is no exception. When guests book hotels, they rarely explore the potential additional costs of local, city or state … Continue reading

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Street Eats American Style

Visitors to the United States sometimes wonder: “What’s up with all of those food trucks”. Although the “food truck” has been around since the 1920s, the tiping point for the massive spread of the phenomenon around North America was probably … Continue reading

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Road Trip Time Machine

Did the minivan kill the station wagon? Do you even know what a “station wagon” is? Those of us who are old enough to have owned one will enjoy a trip down memory lane with film makers Sam Smartt and … Continue reading

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Save a Piece of Travel History

Larger than the Titanic, faster than the Queen Mary, the luxury superliner the SS United States was launched with much hoopla sixty years ago. Unfortunately, the once proud travel superstar sits rusting away at a lonely berth on the Philadephia … Continue reading

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