Don’t mention the Ethnic Stereotyping

Virgin Media has launched the world’s first billboard made entirely out of cheese.

The broadband provider unveiled the edible advertising platform at Covent Garden in London to kick off a new ad campaign for its super-fast broadband service.

The cartoon ad features Speedy Gonzales – “the fastest mouse in all Mexico” – and is scheduled to air today.

Created by noted food artist Prudence Staite of Gloucester, the 5m x 4m cheese billboard is made up of ten different types of locally-sourced cheese – including Double Gloucester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Red Leicester, Shropshire Blue and Wenslydale – and weighs 110kg.

Ashley Stockwell, executive director of brand and marketing for Virgin Media, said the Speedy Gonzales character is the perfect celebrity partner to advertise the company’s broadband speed.

“As the fastest broadband provider in all of the UK, delivering real-world speeds of 10Mb, 20Mb, 50Mb and soon, 100Mb, it’s great to be teaming up with the fastest Looney Tunes character around,” he said.

No word from the Mexican Embassy yet.

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1 Response to Don’t mention the Ethnic Stereotyping

  1. Interesting advertising concept, but I wonder how long it will keep before it turns bad and turns off passersby 🙂 Funny title, btw

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