Our Cultural Chernobyl

Last month we posted two stories on Chernobyl’s new-found status as a tourist destination. This week we stumbled upon a photo-documentary by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre that’s now available in the book Detroit in Ruins. The young Parisians were photographing abandoned buildings and defunct theaters in France when they ran across a picture of a decaying movie palace in Detroit.

It’s quite disturbing just how the ravaged landscape and crumbling buildings of this dying American city resembles the disaster zone of Chernobyl. What do you think?

Michigan Theater

Highland Park Police Precinct

Lee Plaza Hotel

United Artist Theater

Public Library

Farwell Building

Christopher House

William Livingstone House

Woodland Avenue

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2 Responses to Our Cultural Chernobyl

  1. these are wonderful! i would love to find places like these that havent been completely trashed by vagrants who leave their dirty colthes and garbage behind.
    one question … in the shot of woodland avenue, where are all the cars?

  2. robingraham says:

    Those photos are astonishing. Truly masterful, and they tell an awful story.

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