A Tale of Two Bridges


I can’t explain my interest in brilliantly designed bridges and I don’t feel the need to explore it. So, here’s a tale of two more way cool new bridges in Europe.


Designed by Amsterdam-based NEXT Architects, this stunning span connects the old town center of Pumerend, Netherlands, just outside of Amsterdam, with the growing neighborhood of Weidevenne. The “Melkwegbrug” crosses the Noordhollandsch Canal and is bifurcated, with the tall section for pedestrians and a gently sloping section for wheelchairs and cyclists.


The crazy, looping new bridge near the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia is the brilliant product of three local design students. Named the “Festina Lente”, Latin for make haste slowly, the bridge spans the Miljacka River with a wonderful sanctuary mid-span.





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3 Responses to A Tale of Two Bridges

  1. restlessjo says:

    Wonderful contrast in these two bridges! Who could resist the challenge of the “up and over”, and you could sit and contemplate that view endlessly. I want to cross both- now!

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