No Luggage Required


The luxury retailer Louis Vuitton has been slowly rolling-out a collection of limited edition travel books that is being sold in its boutiques. Each of the guides is being illustrated by a different international artist.


The initial four books in the planned series cover Paris by Congolese painter Chéri Samba, London by Japanese artist Natsko Seki, New York by French painter and illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme, and Easter Island by American artist Daniel Arsham. There are plans for Manga artist Jiro Taniguchi to provide the artwork for a book on Venice and for Italian comic book author Lorenzo Mattottito do a Vietnam book.



Each artist brought their designated locale to life with a personal aesthetic and artistic style. Daniel Arsham’s vision of Easter Island is reminiscent of drawings by early explorers and archeologists, Natsko Seki’s London combines colorful, hand-drawn illustrations with images made with the digital and photographic tools. Delhomme uses  gouache to bring to life the city life of New York, while Samba utilizes intense color blocks in comic-like drawings to animate Parisian life.






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