Bram Stoker: Library Miscreant

I have been a fan of Bram Stoker’s creepy classic Dracula ever since my first reading as a child. Here in Philadelphia, we are fortunate to have a fascinating collection of Stoker’s notes for the book at the wonderful Rosenbach Museum and Library. But I was surprised to learn that in his background research work on the novel the author transgressed basic library etiquette.

Researchers at the London Library have used the author’s original notes and outline to pull books from the library’s collection that Stoker accessed during the 1880s. They have identified books that he defaced with annotations and underling. The video below describes some of the writer’s most appalling misuse of the texts. You can read more about Stoker’s misdemeanors at the London Library website.

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2 Responses to Bram Stoker: Library Miscreant

  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Fascinating. Thanks for sharing this research.

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