Centre Pompidou has an identity crisis

Whenever I am in Paris, I always make some time to visit the grand Centre Pompidou. After four decades, the modern art museum with its inside-out construction is looking less cutting-edge, but it still boasts one of Europe’s best contemporary and modern art collections. However, it seems that I am not the typical Paris tourist. The Centre Pompidou has been experiencing an identity crisis since it can’t manage to compete with the city’s wildly popular and over-touristed sites, such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. To counteract the drop in attendance, the museum has embarked on a novel PR campaign that just might boost its standing with visitors.

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3 Responses to Centre Pompidou has an identity crisis

  1. Robert says:

    That is a great piece of guerrilla marketing, really enjoyable to watch.

  2. Savvynarolla says:

    Building sucks, and it’s contents can only
    be more insipid or downright effrontery.
    Please demolish this eyesore and use the alleged artwork for toasting marshmallows.
    Yours disrespectfully,

  3. popeldd says:

    I walked past it a few years ago and I enjoyed the architecture, thinking it was still under construction. I mean, it looked great, but seriously, because it looks like construction, it looks unfinished. Architects should have followed the same style, but with more walls xD

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