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Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts has evolved from the humble  Worthy Farm Pop Festival in 1970 headlined by T-Rex and attended by around 1,500 people, to a renowned cultural phenomena—one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Over the decades, it has seen performances from The Rolling Stones, Beyoncé, Radiohead, Neil Young, Björk, David Bowie, Coldplay, and Paul McCartney. Each year, Glastonbury attracts more than 100,000 music lovers.

To mark the upcoming 50th anniversary of Glastonbury in 2020, Michael Eavis and daughter Emily (who has co-organised the festival since 2000) are releasing their first official book, Glastonbury 50. A statement from Emily on the festival website reads:

“It’s been a total joy to look back through piles of old photo albums and scrapbooks and to reflect upon what it meant at the time, and the incredible evolution of the event. I hope people who’ve been over the years will be able to reminisce and get a flavour of the rich history of Glastonbury through five amazing decades.”

The book, to be published on October 31, 2019 by Trapeze books, will also feature contributions from an impressive roster of previous performers including Adele, Jay-Z, Chris Martin, and many more artists.

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