Bookstore Tourism: Las Vegas

When I think about bookstore tourism, Las Vegas is not the first place that comes to mind. In fact, the last time that I was in Vegas—about a decade ago—there wasn’t an indie bookshop to be found. That changed in 2014 when a pair of book-loving friends founded the Writer’s Block Bookshop in Downtown Las Vegas. Earlier this year the struggling store was forced to close, but the good news is that it has re-opened in a brand new location. With the help of the Rogers Foundation, the Writer’s Block is back better than ever in a larger space that occupies a corner of the mixed-use development called Lucy. Located at 6th and Bonneville, the indie shop also boasts a coffeeshop and an arts space too. I’m looking forward to visiting on my next visit to Sin City.


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2 Responses to Bookstore Tourism: Las Vegas

  1. Sharon😁 says: looking forward to meet travel buddies

  2. Sharon😁 says: looking forward to meet travel buddies ☺️

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