What Every Traveler Needs

One thing that all travelers have in common is the need to find toilet facilities in a timely manner. These days, even when one can discover convenient facilities, a numerical code is necessary to use the bathroom. Then there is the pressure to make a purchase to get the secret code.But it’s hard to participate fully in public life when there’s nowhere to use the bathroom. You shouldn’t have to pay to take care of your basic needs. The folks at the new aptly named Facility magazine have your back.

They are working on a list of bathroom codes, which you’ll find below. Send them more, and let them know if any here are out of date. This list is New York City-centric, but they’ll happily post codes from other locales. Send codes to facilitymag@gmail.com.

 If you have ever visited London, it’s no secret that public toilets are hard find. The next best option is usually coffee shop chains, which seem to be on every street in London. Hoping the staff doesn’t notice you and sneaking in to stealthily use the loo is a classic British move. These days, however, these moves are being thwarted by keypads and codes .

Now there is a Twitter account to save us from having to try and hack the toilet codes. London Loo Codes, created by students Soph and Merl, provides a spreadsheet containing loads of codes to the capital’s lavatories.

The spreadsheet, organised by location, currently has more than 70 entries. This way, you can just check your phone and walk right on in there without acting all shady or buying a coffee you can’t afford and don’t actually want to drink.

Starbucks at North Seventh Street and Bedford Avenue: 22222
Sweetgreen at North Fourth Street and Bedford Avenue: 1284
David’s Brisket House at Nostrand Avenue and Herkimer Street: NO CODE NEEDED
Bathrooms are at the northwest side of the park, at the Brooklyn and St. Marks Avenue entrance.
Target in City Point, at Flatbush Avenue and Fleet Street: NO CODE NEEDED
Greenlight Bookstore on Fulton Street and South Portland Avenue: NO CODE NEEDED
Target in Atlantic Center, at Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues: NO CODE NEEDED
Starbucks on Park Place between Seventh and Flatbush Avenues: 231
Whole Foods at Third Street and Third Avenue: NO CODE NEEDED

Downtown to uptown:
Whitehall Station (aka the Staten Island Ferry Terminal): NO CODE NEEDED
Brookfield Place at West Street right across from the World Trade Center: NO CODE NEEDED
Oculus Complex beneath the World Trade Center at Church and Fulton: NO CODE NEEDED
The Oculus bathrooms are often closed for no reason.
Fulton Street Subway Complex at Broadway and Fulton: NO CODE NEEDED
Shake Shack at Broadway and Fulton Street: 6063
Pret A Manger at Broadway and Cortland: 3535
Pret A Manger at Park Place and Church Street: 0043
Starbucks at Walker Street and Sixth Avenue: 12345
McDonalds at Delancey and Essex Streets: 13352
Starbucks at Delancey Street and Allen Street: 12340
Tenement Museum at Delancey and Orchard: No code, access through the gift shop.
Bloomingdales on Broadway between Spring and Broome: NO CODE NEEDED
Bathrooms are on the lower level and the second floor.
Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken on First Street and Second Avenue: 1392
Starbucks at Eighth Street and Lafayette Avenue (Astor Place): 12345
Tompkins Square Bagels on 10th Street and Avenue A: 4552
The Strand on Broadway between 12th and 13th Street: NO CODE NEEDED
Bathrooms are on the second floor, near the children’s section
Chipotle on Sixth Avenue and Greenwich Avenue: 3915
McDonalds at 17th Street and Union Square West: 51553
Trader Joe’s at Sixth Avenue between 21st and 22nd Streets: NO CODE NEEDED
In the back right, just past the cheese section.
The High Line Hotel on 10th Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets: NO CODE NEEDED
Make a left when you walk in and head down the narrow hallway—there are a few back there.
Starbucks on 28th Street and Third Avenue: 38537
Five Guys on Seventh Avenue between 29th and 30th Streets: 0921
Macy’s Herald Square, on 34th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway: NO CODE NEEDED
Restrooms are on the basement level, as well as on other floors.
Chipotle at 34th Street and Fifth Avenue: 9247
TGI Fridays at Penn Station: 864
Chipotle on Seventh Avenue between 37th and 38th Streets: 1321
McDonald’s second-floor men’s room on 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue: 2222
Chick-fil-A on 42nd Street and Madison Avenue: 28352
Five Guys on West 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues: 25342
Marriott Marquis in Times Square, 46th and Broadway: NO CODE NEEDED
Take the elevator or escalator up to the 8th-floor lobby for public restrooms. There are also restrooms on the convention center floors (3 through 7), though these are not always open.
Starbucks on 47th and Broadway: 24601
Chop’t on 51st Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues: 9876
Employees are supposed to type it in for you, so you may have to be sneaky.
Starbucks at 54th Street and Broadway: 45832
Argo Tea at Columbus Circle: 4549
Gertrude Ederle Recreation Center at 60th St and West End Ave: NO CODE NEEDED
Trader Joe’s at 72nd Street and Broadway: NO CODE NEEDED
Take both escalators down to the bottom floor. It is in the left corner.
Bloomingdale’s Outlet at 72nd and Broadway: push 2 & 4 at same time, then 3
Barnes & Noble at 82nd Street and Broadway: NO CODE NEEDED
Bathrooms are on second floor, near the children’s section.
Shake Shack at 86th Street and Lexington Avenue: 7288
Barnes & Noble on 86th Street between Lexington and Third: NO CODE NEEDED
Petco on Lexington between 86th and 87th Streets: NO CODE NEEDED
96th Street Q Station: NO CODE NEEDED
Target at 117th Street and Pleasant Avenue: NO CODE NEEDED

Neighborhood House behind Christ Church at Second and Market: NO CODE NEEDED
Wawa at Sixth Street and Chestnut Street: 1895
La Colombe at Sixth Street and Market Street: 267
Whole Foods on South Street between Ninth and 10th Streets: 452
Barnes and Noble on 18th and Walnut: NO CODE NEEDED
Wawa at 20th Street and Market Street: 12345
Wawa at Broad Street and Walnut: 2468

Chipotle at 1002 Broad Ripple Ave (cross street is Winthrop Ave): 9003#
Starbucks at 854 Broad Ripple Ave (cross street is Guilford Ave): 90210

Blue Bottle on Ninth and Broadway: 1478#

Starbucks at California and Kearny: NO CODE NEEDED

Nordstrom downtown: NO CODE NEEDED
Walk downstairs to left from Sixth Avenue entrance
Whole Foods on Westlake: code changes daily, but employees give it willingly
Areis Building at 2366 Eastlake Ave East: 01230

Peet’s Coffee & Tea at 1225 Ventura Blvd between Laurelgrove and Vantage Aves: 4516*

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  1. I have yet to come across a toilet where I needed a code to get in. We find the facilities at museums are usually good and free.

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