I am not a Luddite

Over the years, I have bored many a TBTP reader with my mini-rants promoting print travel guidebooks. And while I still always travel with the old school guides, I also am a fan of travel apps, ebooks, and travel podcasts. A blog follower recently turned me on to the excellent Hidden Trax series of podcasts created by locals for visitors to Edinburgh.

Although I haven’t been in Edinburgh for quite awhile, back at the turn of the century I visited or passed through many times. Hidden Trax allows you to feel just like a local strolling through the streets of Edinburgh discovering the hidden gems that even residents might not know about with a simple podcast series. The podcast “adventures” delve into local attractions with witty narratives by Edinburgh cognoscenti. From the best coffee shops to happening pubs, along with tourist hotspots, each episode takes the listener along to the most original places in Edinburgh. Hidden Trax aims to create a meaningful travel experience while championing and amplifying the voices of local creators and entrepreneurs.

You can access Hidden Trax and use it for free by clicking on the link above.


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