Is it possible to love a vending machine

TBTP has featured all kinds of weird and wacky vending machines over the years, but I think that I’ve found the best ever. Portland, Oregon artist/entrpreneur Taylor Valdes has created a thriving business by stocking 18 repurposed vending machines around the city with original artworks, secondhand books, CDs, toys, crafts, mystery bags, trinkets, jewelry, and assorted gimcrackery. Her wonderful, whimsical machines are found in bars, hotels, restaurants, and boutiques.

Valdes has grown the Venderia business since she placed the first vending machine in her local bar Beulahland in 2013. You can see all about this great Portlandia project in the video below.


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2 Responses to Is it possible to love a vending machine

  1. margaret21 says:

    Brilliant! I want one here …

  2. A wonderful idea, and I’m glad this artist is finding success at this business!

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