Museum of Failure

Brooklyn New York City is the latest stop for the traveling exhibition called the Museum of Failure. Located in Industry City in Sunset Park, the show celebrates “overhyped products that never really took off” and other epic fails (Trump steaks, anyone?). Curated by a Swedish psychologist and innovation researcher, Dr. Samuel West, the exhibit showcases more than 150 items which ask, “What were they thinking?!”

“The biggest obstacle to innovation is the fear of failure,” West said. “So it was in that thought like, ‘hey I want to do something with this fear of failure in relation to progress [and] innovation.’”

The Museum of Failure first exhibited in Sweden back in 2017 and has since traveled the world. Brooklyn is its first east coast stop in North America and the exhibit is scheduled to be on display through mid-May. Tickets can be purchased online.


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  1. Shaharee says:

    Can see why varts never took off: a box of farts please.

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