Book Town Redux : St.Pierre-de-Clages

This post was provided by Jamie Emery. 

Swiss Book Town

Situated in the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps, in the Canton Valais, and surrounded by magnificent vineyards, St.Pierre-de-Clages has a colourful history as a Celtic and Roman settlement. In the 11th century Benedictine monks constructed a Romanesque church in the center of the village. 

Today, the diminutive village of 630 inhabitants, with lovely 16th and 17th century houses and shops, is home to the Village Suisse du Livre and fifteen antiquarian booksellers. The annual Fête du Livre Book fair in August also attracts more than 120 booksellers from Switzerland, France and Italy, along with 20,000 avid book-lovers. 

Market day

This gorgeous little book town is easily accessible by train on the Lausanne-Simplon Line or in less than ten minutes by road from nearby Sion. It makes a brilliant day trip from Montreux, Lausanne or Geneva. 


For more information, please see the St.Pierre-de-Clages Book Town website

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