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Book Town Redux : St.Pierre-de-Clages

This post was provided by Jamie Emery.  Situated in the heart of the majestic Swiss Alps, in the Canton Valais, and surrounded by magnificent vineyards, St.Pierre-de-Clages has a colourful history as a Celtic and Roman settlement. In the 11th century … Continue reading

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Book Town Favorites : Redu, Belgium

This post was suggested by Joanne Allen. The first Book Town established on the “Continent”, Redu Village du Livre was founded in 1984. Today there are twenty-four bookshops, offering antiquarian and secondhand titles, in the little, thousand year-old village of … Continue reading

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What’s Your Favorite Book Town ?

Whatever you call them: Boekenstad, Paese dei Librai, Village du Livres or just Book Towns, they are small towns or villages in which secondhand and antiquarian bookshops are concentrated. Most Book Towns have developed in settings of historical interest or scenic beauty. … Continue reading

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London Literature Festival (and more)

This post on the upcoming London Literature Festival (July 1 through 18) was provided by UK correspondent Evan Smythe. Football, philosophy, capitalist apocalypse, comedy and adventures in science are just some of the features of this year’s festival, which brings the … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Maardam ?

This post is the first in a series suggested by reader Laura Courier.  Now that Stieg Larsson’s “Millennium Trilogy” has taken the world by storm, English-speaking readers are finally taking notice of some of Scandinavia’s other stellar authors. Most booklovers are … Continue reading

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Why Not Armenia ?

This post was sent to us by Nellie Malkhassyan of Yerevan, Armenia. Nellie is a travel guide, consultant and specialist on Armenian travel and culture.    I am pleased to invite you to visit Armenia and discover fully the hidden … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Stieg Larsson

   Stieg Larsson only granted one interview about the “Millennium Trilogy” before his untimely death in 2004. Lasse Winkler, editor-in-chief of the of the Swedish book trade magazine Svensk Bokhandel recently reminisced about his singular encounter with the mysterious author … Continue reading

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Joyeaux Anniversaire Rick Steves

Original Edition 1980 This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the first edition of Rick Steves’ budget travel bible, Europe Through the Backdoor. Based on his early backpacking trips through Europe during the 1970s, Rick wrote the first version in … Continue reading

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Alone In Berlin (Every Man Dies Alone)

Fear permeates Hans Fallada’s gripping novel Alone In Berlin ( Every Man Dies Alone, US title). Visceral, soul-numbing paranoia and fear suffuses everyday life for the ordinary people who populate this sweeping saga of Nazi Germany during World War II. … Continue reading

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Listen Up

 The following post was contributed by London based writer Evan Smythe. A new initiative from a writers’ collective encourages UK writers to pen stories, flash fiction and poetry based on overheard conversations, with the best to be published in an … Continue reading

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