Hottest Tourist Destination for 2011

Planning your next vacation trip? having trouble deciding where to go? How about visiting the site of the world’s worst civilian nuclear disaster?

Beginning early Spring 2011, the area surrounding the ruined Chernobyl nuclear power plant and nearby towns and villages will be officially open for tourism. Freelance (read illegal) tourism has been happening around Chernobyl for years by adventurous (read foolhardy travelers), but now we can all safely visit the disaster site without fear.

The Ukranian government has announced that visitors will be able to take officially sanctioned guide tours within the 30-mile exclusion zone that was set up following the April 26, 1986 explosion.

Although the area around Chernobyl continues to be heavily contaminated, supposedly safe routes have been established to allow for visits to the major sites. tours will include extensive tours of the ghost town of Prypyat, once a prosperous city of 50,000.

Memorial for Clean-up Workers

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