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We Never Forget

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Hottest Tourist Destination for 2011

Planning your next vacation trip? having trouble deciding where to go? How about visiting the site of the world’s worst civilian nuclear disaster? Beginning early Spring 2011, the area surrounding the ruined Chernobyl nuclear power plant and nearby towns and … Continue reading

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Not What You’d Expect

Spain’s ancient Andalusian city of Córdoba is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and not the place that you’d expect to find cutting-edge modern architecture. But away from the city’s glorious historic quarter the Madrid-based architecture group ParadesPino has developed a … Continue reading

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A Novel Idea


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As requested, More Book Art

Artist and advertising art director Su Blackwell’s stunning book art is based on her intricate scenes crafted by carefully cutting and folding book pages. Blackwell brilliantly reinvents the text to bring an entirely new dimension to storytelling.

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Those zany Ukranians

Ukranian photographer and social commentator Danil Polevoy alters vintage photographs by adding at least one significant anachronism. Some are funny, some ironic, some bizarre and some challenging.

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Mapa de Mundo (del Facebook)

An imaginative Facebook worker, Paul Butler (no relation) has created an astounding world map based on a visualization of Facebook “friendships”. Butler defined weights for every pair of cities as the function of Euclidean distance between them and the number … Continue reading

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Don’t really know why…

I really don’t know why Japan’s Muji stores has the “Santa vending machine” on the streets of Barcelona.

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Have You Ever Wondered…

Have you ever wondered what art museum guards are thinking about all day ? Well, now you can find out. There’s a new art and literature magazine being published by professional museum guards. In fact, everyone involved with Sw!pe —writers, … Continue reading

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First Cut Is The Deepest

Like most booklovers ( and bookdealers ), I still cringe a little at the notion of cutting-up a book for art. But the brilliant work by Japanese artist Ryuta Iida is definitely engaging. With just a knife and an old … Continue reading

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