Hundeheit is no joke in Norwegian

Dog theft is an ever-increasing problem in Europe and North America. Well, there’s a solution for anxious pet owners who insist on taking their dogs on shopping trips. The clever Norwegian developers of the Hundeheit, or Doggy Den, have created a safe, dry and warm short-term hotel for pet parking at supermarkets. The first unit is in place in Oslo and charges a modest rental fee of just 10 Kroner per stay. How long before someone parks their kid in one ?

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4 Responses to Hundeheit is no joke in Norwegian

  1. joolsstone says:

    What a nice idea! I do wonder how they cope in general walking their dogs in countries with harsh winters.

  2. Shelly says:

    Nice in theory… who keeps them clean? I read someone’s comment that these could turn into “parvo vending machines”… if someone else’s dog had a disease, and leaves a little something behind (doesn’t have to be much) another dog could get sick who uses this thing later. People should just leave their pets at home…or shop in pairs so one can watch the dog(s).

  3. Looks like a jail to me …. When in france and Italy, just went into the grocery store in a carrier … *shrug* most dogs are cleaner than most kids. Just saying. Good in theory until the key no longer works and your pet is stuck inside. Leaving the pet for a short grocery trip is one thing but what happens when a person decided to leave them in there in the hottest of summer for a few hours?

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