Stressing at the Strand

The Strand Bookstore at 12th and Broadway in NYC is one of the few remaining oldschool bookshops in the city selling secondhand, new, out-of-print and collectible books. The Strand, established in 1927, has managed to weather the devastation that has lain waste to dozens of New York’s great bookstores. But all is not well at the Strand. In fact, it’s a mess.

The unionized workers of the bookstore are engaged in a bitter dispute with the family management over contract negotiations. With over 200 jobs on the line, the battle has become acrimonious. Strand employee and cartoonist Greg Farrell has produced an excellent comic that explores the dispute.

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1 Response to Stressing at the Strand

  1. I live a 5-minute walk from The Strand. There has scarcely been a week in 30 years that I haven’t been through its doors. I do hope this gets resolved!

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