Tokyo Aglow

Last week we posted an amusing little story about a scheme to make Amsterdam’s historic canals glow via bioluminescent bacteria. Well, Tokyo already set its Sumida River aglow during the first weekend in May.

The inaugural Tokyo Hotaru Festival was launched on May 5th and featured a moving display of more than 100,000 LED lights designed by Panasonic to resemble fireflies (hotaru) when afloat. The solar powered lights only illuminate upon contact with water and were all collected in large nets at the end of the night.

If your Japanese language skills are up to the task, the Hotaru Festival website has more info.

Hat-tip to Johnny Strategy for the post.

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6 Responses to Tokyo Aglow

  1. I’ve linked your wonderful photos to twitter too …

  2. restlessjo says:

    Maybe Amsterdam should try this instead? That wasn’t a hoax, that feature, was it? I fell for it if so. Tokyo certainly does it in style.

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