Books of Dublin


Dublin, Ireland’s capital city, is a popular travel destination for a myriad of reasons. But for book lovers and bibliophiles Dublin is synonymous with great literature and a must visit for its renowned libraries, amazing antiquarian and indie bookshops and rich literary heritage. Dublin was even named a UNESCO City of Literature in 2010.


Now there’s a wonderful new, free app called Books of Dublin which reveals the hidden treasures of the city’s historic libraries. It features fascinating insights into some of Ireland’s greatest literary treasures and includes video commentary by leading scholars.



Books of Dublin focuses primarily on the truly magical Marsh’s Library, which is situated close by St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Unchanged for more than three centuries, the perfectly preserved library houses more than 25,000 rare books in original oak bookcases.

I’m hoping that the updates of Books of Dublin app will include the fabulous Chester Beatty Library, the National Library of Ireland, and of course the stunning Trinity College Old Library. But it’s a great start.


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