This Was A Surprise


Here in the U.S. we have the envious notion that most Europeans are globetrotters constantly on holiday away from home. Well, it appears that despite having three or four times the vacation days as the typical American, the large majority, or around 76% of Europeans, only take domestic trips or vacation in neighboring countries. In fact, in 2012, of the 24% of trips taken away from Europeans’ home nations, a full 85% stayed in Europe.


According to the EU’s statistics office Eurostat, 65% of trips by EU citizens in 2012 were actually by car. Only 15% of travel was by plane, 12% by train and 6% by bus.

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One Response to This Was A Surprise

  1. Michael says:

    Would be interesting to compare these statistics with the American one, especially on the average trip duration.

    Also, the typical European country borders 3-4 other countries and the cultural differences are noticeable even when crossing to a neighbouring country.

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