Yes, It’s Illegal!


Launched in Copenhagen last year, Illegal! is a controversial magazine created to be sold by addicts to earn legal income specifically to fund their drug use without resorting to crime. Vendors can earn about $3.15 per copy sold.

While the concept may shock some, it is both a realistic harm reduction strategy—which allows addicts to avoid criminal behavior—and a way to significantly reduce local street level criminal activity. An unemployed drug addict often steals thousands of dollars a day in personal property to support a habit. The amount is so high because stolen items usually garner just 10 to 20% of their actual value to a thief. So, that $400 iPad lifted from your bag at Starbucks will only net the addict $40 or $50 from a fence.


Selling copies of Illegal! can potentially provide addicts with a legitimate way to fund their drug use and actually reduce crime in a community. And in case you’re wondering, the magazine content does not necessarily put a positive spin on drug use. The articles attempt to present honest information about illegal drugs .


The magazine is currently available in Copenhagen and London. Would you buy a copy ?


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