Three Magic Words


What3words is an entirely new universal address system that may just transform how we navigate the world. It divides the Earth into 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares and assigns each plot a unique three word descriptor. For example this post was written at “follow.occurs.warm”.

Using this system, it’s possible to home in on any location in the world according to its three word combination, without the confusion that can occur with traditional addresses. What3words creates a user-friendly method that translates complex numerical coordinates with just three easy to remember words.

Think about what this means for the traveler. Even in developed countries it can be difficult at times to locate an address. And imagine how helpful it could be in a place with addresses in a local language or alphabet, or no address at all. More than half of the people on the planet currently live or work in places without street names or building numbers. What3words literally puts them on the map.


The app is free, downloadable, compatible with most mobile devices, and functional without a data connection. Take a look at the video and then visit the website to test it out. Of course, like all tech innovation, W3W will live or die by the extent of adoption.



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