Just Call it MOFAD


As you might predict, New York City’s first museum dedicated to food and drink is located in Brooklyn. Launched last week in a converted garage—of course—the Museum of Food and Drink has big plans for its visitors. By 2019, MOFAD expects to move to a larger permanent space, but for now the nascent museum will be presenting changing multimedia exhibitions on food, nutrition and beverages.


The inaugural show at the Williamsburg space is called “Flavor: Making It and Faking It”. Visitors are treated to exhibits such as the “Smell Synthesizer”, which offers the opportunity to experience 19 radically diverse scents. This fragrant exhibit required the installation of smell-hiding technology borrowed from commercial marijuana growing firms.


While wandering the interactive displays that focus on the natural and manufactured flavor industry, MOFAD visitors can sample flavor infused tablets that are dispensed at a bank of gumball machines.


Maybe it’s not worth a schlep to Williamsburg just yet, but if you’re in the area why not check it out.




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