Plane Spotting

Lithuanian photographer Mindaugas Kavaliauskas has spent years working on travel’AIR a project about people, planes, and airports, which has taken him around the globe to capture the fascination that air travel still holds for people. The newest series in the ongoing project is SPOT, which sees Kavaliaukas focusing on the idea of plane watching. “SPOT is about the people on the ground, who gather around airports and watch airplanes,” says Kavaliaukas. “Plane spotters, watchers, observers have different perspectives of how to enjoy planes. My photographs are not only about who, where, when, but also about how and why.”

Kavaliaukas traveled to many locations around the world for the series including Europe, New Zealand, and North America. For the photographs themselves he sought out the outskirts of city airports, which were frequented by plane watchers, where he found people hanging around parking lots, dirt roads, hotels, airfields, beaches and viewing platforms. “Prior to photographing people, I talk to them to find out the reasons why they are there: waiting to pick up someone arriving, walking a dog, discussing future plans, simply having fun, first date, or just for that moment of thrill as an airliner passes over your head,” Mindaugas explains. “I not only look to photograph, but also to tell stories.”

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