Every Book Lovers Dream

When Paul Morris was forced by ill health to retire from his beloved Bookmarks Bookshop in beautiful Cardigan, Wales, rather than sell the business he decided to raffle it off. To qualify for the prize, customers only needed to make a minimum purchase of £20. The shocked winner of the raffle, which included the bookstore and its entire stock, was Netherlands native Ceisjan van Heerden. The 30 year-old jumped at the opportunity to become the proprietor of Bookmarks and announced that he would manage the shop in partnership with a friend from Iceland. Now van Heerden and friend get to live out every bibliophile’s fantasy of running a bookstore. A big plus for them is the business location in the lovely seaside town in West Wales.

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2 Responses to Every Book Lovers Dream

  1. margaret21 says:

    What a great story. Despite living in the UK, this has entirely passed me by.

  2. Wow, that’s the best raffle prize ever. How exciting to receive that phone call!

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