Bookstore Tourism Paradox

I’ve seen copies of this sign for years, but just discovered where the bookshop is located. The poster has advertised this generous offer for more than three decades in Wheeling, West Virginia. Paradox Bookstore, which is owned and managed by author Tom Stobart, offers local booklovers an eclectic selection of secondhand titles at reasonable prices and a place to gather with like-minded bibliophiles.

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2 Responses to Bookstore Tourism Paradox

  1. josypheen says:

    What an amazing shop! The owner seems like a sweetie. ❤

  2. How lovely and refreshing to see such generosity. I hope it is rewarded with honesty. I’ve seen that shop hours sign before. We came across a bookshop in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales which was closed for a long weekend and the sign on the door simply said, “Shut happens”.

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