Golden Age for Audio Books

While I am a voracious reader, I am not a regular user of audio books. Other than long road trips, I rarely listen to recorded books. But it appears that I am a member of a shrinking population of hold outs. According to a new survey by the Pew Foundation the rate at which adults listen to audio books has nearly doubled since 2011.

The poll of 1,502 adults taken between January 8 and February 7, 2019, showed that 20% of them had listened to an audio book in the last 12 months. Back in 2011, that number was just 11%.This survey comes at a time when e-book sales seem to be plateauing. In fact, audio books may soon surpass e-book sales.

Where do you fall on the digital vs print book debate? Full disclosure: I recently downloaded a number of free audio books and one purchased book in preparation for a long road trip.

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2 Responses to Golden Age for Audio Books

  1. Nidhi Gupta says:

    i still havent gotten used to audiobook. Infact got on to ebook bandwagon but now seemingly going back to old way – paperbacks

  2. Ever since finding out that I could borrow audiobooks through my library using an app, I’ve been listening to more! I’m really enjoying it, and I like listening to them whilst tidying etc, when I usually wouldn’t be able to read!

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