Home of Chocolate

Somehow I missed one of the most important stories of last month with the news that Lindt has opened an all new headquarters museum near Zurich. The Lindt Home of Chocolate welcomed its first visitors in Kilchberg, Switzerland on September 15th. The largest of its kind in the world, the museum offers 65,000 square feet of chocoholic content, including an interactive exhibition dedicated to the magic food’s history and production, a café, a Lindt chocolate shop, a research facility for chocolate innovation, a space for chocolate-making classes, and a viewable production line.

Arguably the museum’s main attraction is an enormous 9-meter chocolate fountain situated in the central hall. The impressive fountain features an giant golden whisk that drips 1,500 liters of liquid cocoa into a giant Lindor truffle. The chocolate flows through the sculpture’s 100 meters of hidden piping at a rate of a kilogram per second.

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  1. What a wonderful topic for a museum! 😉 And my goodness look how classy and beautiful it is.

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