Everything Points To Nostalgia These Days

I don’t know about you but I seem to be spending more time these days on random internet rambles. It’s not surprising that some of these trips down the rabbit hole lead to serendipitous bits of nostalgia. Somehow I recently stumbled upon this beautifully filmed video below from a pair of British bikers on a nostalgic trip of their own through Norway. The film reminded me of a long ago backpacking and camping trip that took me around Scandinavia for an entire summer more than 30 years ago. For part of our time in Norway, we were based in the lakeside town of Voss and we did hikes in the area using trains and boats to get to and from the hiking tracks. One memorable day trip took us along the small, but energetic Kleivelvi River in the Raundalen Valley not far from the famous Myrdal-Flåm Railway. While Matty and Clare seemed to bypass this area, they weren’t far away.

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