Under the Social Influence

By now you have probably noticed that I’m a sucker for a clever travel/tourism campaign. So it will be no surprise that I fell hard to this clever video from New Zealand urging travelers to stop repeating stereotypical photos they see online and “share something new” instead. The amusing short video features comedian Tom Sainsbury as a member of the “Social Observation Squad (SOS).” The film has him following tourists to some of the New Zealand’s best known spots and urging them to stop traveling “under the social influence.”

The video is part of the country’s tourism campaign called “Do Something New.” Unfortunately, most of us won’t have a chance to do that any time soon as New Zealand is effectively closed to foreign tourists for the remainder of the year. Personally, I’m hoping that the ban will be lifted by next November so that I can get back and take some of my own cliché tourist pics.


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3 Responses to Under the Social Influence

  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Love it. There are millions of cliché shots.

  2. Thank you for allowing us to travel., especially in this pandemic season.

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