An Almost Complete Collection

I’ve been a fan of the always original science fiction works written by Philip K. Dick since I was a child. So I found the recently release Folio Society limited edition complete collection of 118 short stories intriguing. As usual, the Folio Society’s packaging and graphic design is beautiful. Check out the video below for more about the process.

Here’s what the publisher has to say about the project:

This limited edition of Philip K. Dick’s The Complete Short Stories, with 24 illustrations by 24 different artists, is a celebration of the freewheeling imagination of a science-fiction master. The Complete Short Stories is limited to 750 hand-numbered copies and presented in a special display box designed by independent studio La Boca. The bindings, endpapers, title pages, page edges – even the ribbon markers – are colour co-ordinated in a fabulous fluorescent rainbow. Each binding is emblazoned with an eye-catching symbol that is echoed on the relevant title page and spot-varnished on the two-part presentation box. The interior of the box itself is lined with two specially designed papers; a multi-coloured ‘glitch’ pattern, and a night sky sparkling with silver stars to reflect Dick’s fascination with the possibilities of space travel and technology.

The Complete Short Stories [Philip K. Dick / The Folio Society]

My only question is : what happened to the missing stories ? According to reliable sources, Dick wrote 121 short stories, yet the Complete collection only includes 118. I guess it’s fitting that even after death Dick is fueling mysteries.



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