Everything old is new again

Tar and Feathers, is a disturbing novel in which the Ku Klux Klan, its principles and activities figure prominently. Based on real experiences, it was written by Victor Rubin and published in 1924 by Universal Press, Chicago.

From the jacket flap: “Out of the World War emerge four men who form the principal characters, the three friends – a Jew, a Catholic, a Protestant – and the Negro. How they meet the blind forces of injustice is vividly set forth and the problem that Hamilton solves in Tar and Feathers is the same problem that every other white, native born Protestant must answer for himself sooner or later. The book throws a clear, bright light on the place in American society of the Jew, the Catholic, the Negro and the Foreigner and for that reason it is perhaps not always pleasant reading, for some.”

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1 Response to Everything old is new again

  1. Thank you for your wisdom in this message. There are movies, stories, and experiences that are so difficult to witness about because of the pain. Yet, it must be discussed as not to continue in a cycle of hate. Healing!

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