Heading To Tokyo

While most folks heading to Tokyo were focused on the upcoming Olympics, the Japanese art collective Mé headed to the skies. Last week, city residents were surprised to see a giant hot air balloon in the shape of a human head floating over Yoyogi Park. The art installation was titled “Masayume” which means “dream come true.”The surreal hot air balloon drifted around Tokyo, surprising and sometimes frightening people.

The project was inspired by a dream that Haruka Kojin, one of the three-member art collective, had when she was a child. The face on the balloon featured an actual person who is alive, somewhere in the world but their identity remained undisclosed. The person was selected from over 1400 people all around the world who applied to have their face floated into the sky above Tokyo.



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3 Responses to Heading To Tokyo

  1. Steve 46th says:

    The second photo especially looks like it came straight out of the show DEVS.

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