Brilliant Bookshops

You would be hard pressed to discover a bookshop in a more beautiful setting than the charming Atlantis Books in the tiny village of Oia on the stunning Greek island of Santorini. But it’s just one of the wonderful bookshops that you will find in this article. The Financial Times has a lovely gallery of “brilliant bookshops”, each with a short but substantial caption about its history written by a nominated contributor.

And just in time for leaf peeping season, check out all these great-looking bookstores scattered across New England. including the inviting White Birch Books in Conway, New Hampshire.

Fans of the beloved American sitcom Seinfeld will appreciate the recently opened New Mags Bookstore in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is the flagship shop for a Scandinavian distributor of coffee table books.

I have never been to Hanoi, but if I do visit, I won’t miss the Mao Bookstore, the oldest on Dinh Le Street .

The New York Times profiled The Mysterious Bookshop owner, Otto Penzler, who built a customized house for his book collection. Do not miss this shop if you visit NYC.


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  1. wow, Santorini AND a bookshop? Is this paradise or what ! Awesome pictures, thanks for sharing these sites

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