Sundry Sunday Seven

January 1, 2022 was Public Domain Day here in the USA. Among the works entering the public domain was Heminway’s great novel The Sun Also Rises. The Center for the Study of the Public Domain lists thousands of books and recordings now available for free use .

New York City’s newest bookstore Yu & Me Books in Chinatown is also one of the first Asian woman-owned bookstores in Manhattan.

I loved this long piece on Lithub by novelist and bookstore proprietor Emma Straub on her bookshop, her Brooklyn neighborhood, and her book loving customers.

Now that winter has finally descended on us, this little poem by Kenneth Roxreth, the Godfather of American Beat poets, offers a sliver of hope for the coming of spring.

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning a quaint English village.  Even if you haven’t, check out  Inside Britain’s privately owned villages 

I would like to spend a week or two at this amazing Hostel/Bookstore in China. Check out this stunning combination bookstore and hostel.

I’ve been badgering folks to visit the mindblowing Sir John Soane’s Museum in London for decades. For some reason it has never gotten the attention from tourists that it deserves. I recently ran across this link to one of the institution’s many unusual collections. In the 1700s, there was a vogue for carving fantastically exact models of ancient buildings in cork. The Museum maintains a large collection of cork models, including an 8 foot square Pompeii; the ruins are depicted exactly as they were in 1820, in an early phase of excavation. The Museum offers a 3D virtual tour, which means you can view models of models of buildings within a model of building.


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