The Possibility of Evil (and much more)

I recently discovered a terrific Audiobooks on YouTube playlist of free audiobook readings with more than 130 different titles, each of which is a full book or short story, read in its entirety and available to listen for free at your leisure. This is YouTube and so the quality is inevitably…variable, but the person who’s pulled this together seems to have done a reasonable job of ensuring that the base standard is reasonably high, and there’s a really wide-ranging selection including Christie, Conan-Doyle, Chekhov, Wells, Jackson, and the like.


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1 Response to The Possibility of Evil (and much more)

  1. Actually, there are so many more full length audiobooks free on youtube, sometimes they are really the same recording as the official publisher’s audiobook.
    Now when I’m looking for a specific audiobook, when my library doesn’t have it, I check on youtube first

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