Haunted Library

Who doesn’t love an old fashioned haunted library. I recently learned about the library at Felbrigg Hall, a 17th-century country house in Norfolk, England that is home to a genuine bibliophile ghost. Set in a grand National Trust country home, the library was designed in the 1750s by architect James Paine. It houses about 5,000 books, terrestrial and celestial globes and a secret door. The elegant librsry is also reputed to be haunted by former owner William Windham III(1750-1810), a lover of books who died of injuries sustained while attempting to rescue a friend’s library collection from a fire. According to local legend, his spirit is known to appear if the correct combination of his favourite books are laid out on the library table. Visitors to the house claim to have seen the apparition sitting at the library table or in his favorite library chair book in hand.


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  1. Sherry Felix says:

    Love the library.

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