Taking Flight

One of the immense pleasures that the city of Philadelphia offers is its myriad of murals. Along with a prolific cadre of street artists, Philly is also home to the amazing Philadelphia Mural Arts Program which sponsors fantastic paintings all around the city. Their newest project titled Flight is at 13th and Spruce Streets in Center City. The mural is part of an ongoing series by former Philly resident Tatyana Fazlalizadeh.

“This painting, 100 ft in the air, is so special to me,” Tatyana wrote in an Instagram post. “I lived in the building it is painted on when I was 17 years old. This series is so special to me. I’ve long wanted to create it, and join the long list of Black artists and writers who have used the mythology of Black folk flying in their work. I’ve interviewed so far several Black people about the idea of our ability to fly. Photographed them. Discussed freedom and healing with them. More on all that to come. Including photographs, interviews, and more murals.”

At the bottom of the mural reads the following: “I let go of what has weighed me down. Light as a feather, I ride the wind. Like Black folks have always done. Flying free above the structures built to confine us.”

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