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The Naked Truth and More

I have to admit that I was a poor student of William Shakespeare’s work while I was in secondary school. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the brilliance of his writings, but I was not aware of the … Continue reading

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Compounding Your Pejoratives

I have recently found myself reaching for both colorful and acceptable pejoratives when commenting on social media sites. This is partly due to the necessity of avoiding Twitter jail, but also to liven the mood. The terrific chart above was … Continue reading

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English Is Hard


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Why Fall Into Autumn

Yesterday’s post got me thinking about why we English speaking folks in North America use both Fall and Autumn to describe the season between Summer and Winter. Why does it have two acceptable and apparantly interchangable names? And why do British speakers of English … Continue reading

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Most of Us Are Guilty

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Does Not Translate

Do you ever get that melancholy sense of dépaysement when you’re traveling far from home? Does the lambent glow of Autumn kindle the wonder of komorebi for you ? Or, does it encourage you to seek the sublime feeling of … Continue reading

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