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Lovecraft Country

So we missed H.P.’s birthday yesterday, but to make up for that here’s a way cool graphic novelized version of one of his creepy stories. Lovecraft was a horrible racist bigoted son of a bitch, but he sure could spin … Continue reading

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Fantastic Fonts

  As an antiquarian book collector, I’ve always been fascinated by the astonishing variations in fonts and typefaces. These days we are so overwhelmed by the variety of fonts that we see both in print and online that we often … Continue reading

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Have a Lovecraft Halloween

What better way to celebrate Halloween than a bit of H.P. Lovecraft lore.

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The Call of Cthulhu

Many readers consider H.P.Lovecraft to be the father of modern horror fantasy. In fact, the term “Lovecraftian” is frequently used to describe any particularly scary story, book, or film. But I’ve been surprised at the number of horror/fantasy genre fans … Continue reading

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The Call of Cthulhu

Many bibliophiles and fans of horror and fantasy writing believe that the birth of the modern horror story can be traced to the dark visions that sprang from the febrile imagination of H. P. Lovecraft at the beginning of the … Continue reading

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Halloween Reads

h/t to Guillermo del Toro for his reading list.

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Visit the Mountains of Madness

I started reading H.P. Lovecraft when I was about 12 years old and finally stopped when the nightmares became to frequent. Of course I went back to the master of the macabre as an adult, but Lovecraft still scares the … Continue reading

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Speed Reading

Those of us who absolutely must have something to read at all times are always on the hunt for quick reads for short trips and long waits. This infographic, created by Ebook Friendly, suggests 24 choices for 1 hour reads. … Continue reading

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Just In time for Halloween

I was browsing in the remodeled store of a local book chain and ran across some amazing new editions from Penguin that sport covers curated by Academy Award-winning filmmaker and sci fi/horror writer Guillermo del Torro. The series, which includes … Continue reading

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