Anne Frank, A Graphic Biography

Many thanks to Nina Dijkstra for this timely post during Banned Books Week:

Following the publication of Anne Frank – the graphic biography in the Netherlands at the beginning of July, publications in other countries will follow this autumn. The biography will appear in the USA this week, in France in mid-October and in Germany in early November. Publications in Italy, Spain, Britain, Australia and Israel will follow in 2011. The biography covers the complete life story of Anne Frank in words and images, and makes connections between her life and important historical events. The graphic biography is in book format, and is aimed at a wide audience from 14 years old to adults.  

An animated trailer and a video interview with the authors can be seen on the Anne Frank channel on YouTube.

The Anne Frank House’s mission is to make the life story of Anne Frank accessible to as large an audience as possible. A graphic biography is an effective form to reach both young people and adults. Following positive experiences with two earlier educational graphic novels with drawings by Eric Heuvel – ‘A Family Secret’ and ‘The Search’ – the Anne Frank House decided to also depict the life of Anne Frank in this innovative and accessible manner and has now authorised a graphic narrative of the life of Anne Frank. 

The story of Anne Frank and the Second World War 

The biography starts with the life of Anne Frank’s parents – Otto and Edith – and the first years of the sisters Anne and Margot in Frankfurt. The biography ends with the return of Otto Frank – who was the only one of the eight people in hiding in the secret annexe to survive the Holocaust – and the publication of Anne’s diary and the opening of the Anne Frank House. Anne Frank’s life story is told in parallel with important historical events surrounding the Holocaust and the Second World War.

International partnerships 

In the USA there is a long tradition of graphic books on serious subjects, known as graphic non-fiction, and the genre is also becoming more popular in the Netherlands. Together with publisher Hill & Wang, the Anne Frank House approached a renowned creative team – writer Sid Jacobson and artist Ernie Colón – to develop the biography. With The 9/11 Report and several other works, Jacobson and Colón have shown that they can make complex information accessible with creativity, rich imagery and integrity. Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón have worked on the biography of Anne Frank with great dedication, assisted by experts from the Anne Frank House. “This is a crown on our careers”, say the authors.

International publications 

The biography is being published in a number of countries. L Publishers (an imprint of Luitingh Publishers) will publish the biography in the Netherlands, Hill & Wang in the United States, Canada and other English-speaking countries, Les Editions Belin in France, Carlsen Verlag in Germany, Rizzoli/Lizard in Italy, Norma in Spain, MacMillan in Great Britain and Australia, and Kinneret and Yad Vashem in Israel.

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