Street Art With Wings

On February 2nd, I blogged about the new Google Art project, which offers digitized collections and tours from a cohort of the world’s best museums. Now the Street Art View project uses Google’s Street View option to showcase crowd-sourced pictures of street artwork from around the world. The audacious project is not of Google origin, but instead is the collective creation of the makers of Red Bull and the Brazilian ad agency Loducca.

Visitors to the Street Art View website can peruse a map, with markers indicating locations where other users have discovered mural artwork. Users can contribute to the collective hive by tagging images themselves.

While the image quality leaves much to be desired, it’s still cool to find far-flung works by the likes of Space Invader, Banksy, ROA, Os Gemeos and others.

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2 Responses to Street Art With Wings

  1. now thats my knid of art! thanks!

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